Gutter rash is enemy number one when it comes to your vehicles expensive alloy wheels. At Paintwerks, we are able to cost effectively repair this wheel damage as well as repair scratches, fading and stone chips — and then refinish the wheel to the original colour. 


Perhaps you’re thinking about changing the colour of your wheels? We can do that too. Solid colours, metallic’s and effects colours such as the highly popular, triple-stage Shadow Chrome can all be applied to your wheels at Paintwerks. We follow up with multiple layers of a durable high gloss 2 pack polyurethane clear coat which protects the wheel and gives it a deep, glossy wet look. Alternatively, we can also apply semi-gloss, satin or matt finishes if you prefer.


You choose the colour and finish, and we do the rest! It’s a true drive in, drive out service. At Paintwerks, we can even take care of the removal and refitting of your tyres. It’s all one stop ─ drop the car off and we’ll do everything as requested.